How long will my balloons float using helium gas?

The float time of your balloons will depend on the type of balloon (foil or latex) and also the weather conditions - warm weather will reduce float time - but here's a rough guide:-

FOIL BALLOONS - Foil balloons can float for a couple of weeks with helium but look their best within their first few days.

LATEX BALLOONS - Latex balloons are more permeable than foil balloons and will allow the helium gas to escape more quickly. A latex balloon will float for approx 7 hours, so it's important to inflate them as close to your party start time as possible. Alternatively, consider using Hi-Float Solution, which forms a coating inside your latex balloons and extends the float time up to 1 week.  

When will my parcel arrive?

We currently offer 3 delivery options to most parts of the UK depending on your location. When you select your delivery option, we estimate your expected delivery date which can be from 5 working days to next working day. We use a mix of couriers and Royal Mail and whilst service is extremely reliable, we cannot guarantee delivery dates or times. If you have a celebration coming up, please allow a little extra time just to be safe!


Can I collect from your warehouse?

We will be making this option available in the near future!

I made a mistake on my order!

If you've spotted a mistake, please call us as soon as possible on 0203 774 6388 and if your order has not yet been packed for dispatch, we may be able to make changes. If your order has been dispatched, please return any items using our normal returns process. 

I want to order a large quantity but you don't have enough stock?

If you're catering for a larger event and find that we don't have enough of the product you want, please give us a call on 0203 774 6388. We can often order more stock within 24-48 hours, so please get in touch. 

Do you sell inflated balloons?

All our balloons arrive flat for you to inflate with air or helium gas (depending on the type of balloon). This is because all balloons will look their best when inflated as close to the time of your event as possible. As we offer a range of delivery options, this would not be possible. We do offer helium gas canisters, leaving you free to inflate your balloons when you are ready. We also supply balloon pumps, balloon ribbon and balloon weights.